SAETTA,is the latest engine created by ITALSISTEM. The unique 4 stroke ROTARY engine in production, realized with the best constructive technology to obtain the best ratio power to weight. With silencer, radiator, water pump, start/stop push button, electrical starter, battery
all including.

The SAETTA engine is a 4-stroke engine, which differs significantly from the traditional alternate engines.In fact, the cylinder function is accomplished by a stationary housing, of trochoid shape, i.e. vaguely resembling an "8" shape, while the piston function is accomplished by a rotor, of equilateral trangular shape with convex trangle sides. The stationary housing includes the intake and exhaust conducts, with direct access to the combustion chamber with no valves in between. The rotor vertexes are permanently in contact with the trochoid indide wall, therefore determining three separate chambers. Each time that a rotor vertex crosses the intake conduct, the crankshaft initiates a new revolution. Hence, every single rotor revolution corresponds to 3 crankshaft revolutions. As mentioned above, the 3 rotor vertex define 3 separate chambers. The volume of each chambers varies cyclically from a maximum volume to a minimum volume: The difference between these two volumes determine the unit capacity.

I)A.End of exhaust timing.
B.Begin of compression timing.
C.Expansion timing.
II)A.Inlet timing.
B.Compression timing.
C.Max expansion timing.

III)A.Inlet timing.
B.Max compression timing: ignition.
C.Begin exhaust timing.
IV)A.Max inlet timing.
B.Begin expansion timing.
C.Exhaust timing.

1-2-3.Piston vertex with piston ring.
5.Central house.
6.Piston gear.
7.Crank shaft gear (fix.).
8.Gear coupling.
10.Cooling system space.
11.Inlet port.
12.Exhaust port.
13.Crank shaft.

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